Champions of LIHEAP: Senator Ed Markey


Champions of LIHEAP is an initiative from the Campaign for Home Energy Assistance to raise up the individuals who are active supporters and defenders of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. From out in the field to offices on The Hill, LIHEAP Champions are men and women from both sides of the political aisle. 


Senator Ed Markey is an avid supporter of energy, environmental protection, and telecommunications issues, particularly when they impact the residents of Massachusetts. He is dedicated to improving the lives of people in his state and the nation at large. 

Below are his comments in support of LIHEAP and its impact on local Massachusetts residents. Thank you to Senator Markey for his commitment and advocacy on behalf of LIHEAP and the households it serves.

LIHEAP Senator Markey Quote.png
"When temperatures drop and energy bills pile up, LIHEAP helps families in Massachusetts and throughout the country with a needed lifeline. No household should suffer chills in order to pay bills in the winter, and LIHEAP funding helps families stay warm and make ends meet during tough economic times."
Senator Ed Markey, Massachusetts