June 2018: LIHEAP News Wrap Up

Taking a different coverage angle than the usual straight-ahead reporting on how summer heat affects people’s home energy bills, CNN put the spotlight on the impact of how uncertain Federal policy on LIHEAP affects vulnerable citizens during their commutes to and from their second and third jobs. For the working poor, these commutes are made that much harder by the fact that, while they can receive assistance with a home utility bill, “currently, there is no federal program to assist with gasoline prices…It's important to keep in mind -- especially those of us for whom 46 cents is no big deal -- that there are two Americas: One for those who can absorb price increases with few changes to their lifestyles and another who have to choose which bills to pay each month. About one out of four Americans live in this second version of the country. These Americans are nurse's aides, service workers, store clerks, and single parents working two jobs just to make ends meet. They are also grandparents who rely on Social Security to pay their bills and disabled Americans and veterans unable to return to work.  There is no perfect solution to the problem of rising gas bills. But poor families should not be expected to cover the additional cost. The government must step in, as needed, to assist.”