LIHEAP Funding Battle Kicks Off Fall for LIHEAP Advocates

Many individuals live with the perpetual “down to the wire” pressure that comes with the struggle between keeping their lights and utilities on and also paying for other household bills. That sense of anxiety was amplified in a late-August feature from the Daily Energy Insider: “Campaign to Save LIHEAP Comes Down to the Wire.”


Sadly an old song in the Trump era, who has called for the past three years in their White House budgets to eliminate the program entirely. The Daily Energy Insider reported that September was filled with tension and urgence, and “a large part of the urgency stems from the administrative effort that comes with registering people for the LIHEAP rolls and managing the block grants. Even as the Senate shut down in August, advertisements were running in towns nationwide calling on qualified individuals to sign up for the program despite it being on the chopping block.”


The Daily Energy Insider reports that “advocates for LIHEAP will be in the thick of things with a continuing program of community education and the run-up to National Weatherization Day on Oct. 30 to spread the message that LIHEAP is far from a lower-impact program.”