Voices of LIHEAP: Sandra's Story

In the third installment of our VOICES OF LIHEAP Blog series, LIHEAP.org brings a different perspective, again courtesy of the Central Coast Energy Services as part of their LIHEAP HELPS CALIFORNIA campaign, this time from a manager of a low-income affordable housing property, illustrating the importance of this program to her community year-round.

Sandra Perez

Watsonville, California



I have been a property manager here at Stone Creek for 15 years now. I have seen the benefits of LIHEAP first-hand with all of my residents. This is a low-income affordable housing property. LIHEAP is a program that we make available to all of our 120 units. It is especially helpful when they have a shut-off notices and during the winter when their PG&E bills go up and their incomes go down.


LIHEAP is a valuable resource. It is the only program available in the community to help our residents, especially those that have had their utilities disconnected. Our residents that are seasonal agriculture workers depend on LIHEAP to get through the winter months when they have little to no income...they count on it to survive.