Voices of LIHEAP - Mary's Story

This Spring, LIHEAP.org is debuting VOICES OF LIHEAP, a series profiling the true heart of the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, the community members, households and families it helps on a life-saving basis day in and out.  Provided by Central Coast Energy Services as part of their LIHEAP HELPS CALIFORNIA campaign, we meet brave citizens who believe in this vital community safety-net enough to speak up personally, beginning with:

Mary Murphy

Aptos, California


I truly thank God for LIHEAP every year. Years ago, when my children were young and I was a single mom, I had my PG&E shut-off more than once and LIHEAP was always there for me. Today, the winter is the hardest because I need heat and my bill can get so high really fast. I depend on LIHEAP every year. I was really worried about LIHEAP with the government shut-down.

I’m on a fixed income and am real conservative with my PG&E bill. My section 8 housing and food stamps are being delayed and we are being told to make our current assistance last as long as we can. I don’t know what will happen in March or if the shut-down lasts much longer. LIHEAP will be especially important to me this year. I already applied I am just waiting for

the LIHEAP benefit to be applied to my PG&E account. Some people just don’t realize just how big a deal LIHEAP assistance is to us.  Thank you for your assistance over the years.