LIHEAP News Wrap Up: LIHEAP Gets Personal

LIHEAP remained part of the national news landscape this past month, especially after the current administration proposed the elimination of the LIHEAP program—sending advocates into action to defend the program from elimination (for the second time).

While the politics around LIHEAP are centered on funding and resources, the impact to people is in real, tangible impacts like those felt by an upper NY resident, Greg (no last name reported). Catholic Charities newspaper profiled Greg, who “‘woke up the day after Christmas morning, and I couldn’t move my left side.  I’d had a stroke.’ Greg was facing a long recovery, and his wife took months off work to help out. With two teenagers to support, it didn’t take long for Greg and his family to feel financial stress. That’s when they came to Catholic Charities, and thanks to a grant from the National Grid Foundation, they were able to get the help they needed as Greg recovered. ‘I’m so grateful for programs like this, that you’re not just put to the curb when you need help.’ 

With another very generous grant from the National Grid Foundation, Catholic Charities will continue to provide emergency assistance to people like Greg and his family. National Grid Foundation announced on Monday a significant grant of $120,000 for 2019 to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families in our area. The grant will help an estimated 550 households with non-fuel specific emergency heating or energy assistance in the fourteen counties served by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany. As part of this effort, Catholic Charities and National Grid Foundation officials also announced a challenge to the greater community to donate to assist those in need with contributions to the Emergency Energy Assistance Fund (EEAF).”