The Newest LIHEAP Advocates: Program Recipients

The Newest LIHEAP Advocates: Program Recipients

n spite of their category as “the public” who receive LIHEAP support by the millions around the country year in and out, most prefer to stay anonymous and let their community and political representatives speak publicly on their behalf, as this prized program has come under attack in the past budget year, increasingly, brave faces from every section of the spectrum have been coming forward in a new PR effort that’s as grass-roots as you can get in communicating the essential day-in-and-out role this program plays in so many of our neighbors’ lives.

Pennsylvania 2018 LIHEAP Check In

t’s April and snow is still falling in Pennsylvania. Given the prolonged heating season, essential advocacy groups like the Pennsylvania Utility Law Project (PULP) employed the latest technology to maximize outreach opportunities, specifically an educational webinar-webcast to reach people in the convenience of their own homes, an especially important convenience for elderly and disabled program beneficiaries not able to travel to physical CAA locations.  Designed to get the community involved ahead of the opening of enrollment seasons, PULP held a similar webinar last year to “review the proposed 2018 Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) state plan and solicit interested individuals to file comments on various aspects of the plan.”

LIHEAP Action Day 2018

NEUAC, the Campaign for Home Energy Assistance, Utilities, Activists & Advocates Show Storm of LIHEAP Support on Capitol Hill

The Nor’Easter that slammed New England was a fitting reminder for why LIHEAP Action Day is a critical day for LIHEAP.  Each year, advocates from around the nation gather on Capitol Hill in a unified effort to lobby their respective Congressional delegations about the importance of LIHEAP.